Success Stories

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 Constance Johnson's Success Story

I am a certified English and Theater teacher from New Jersey, and have enjoyed being a substitute teacher in the Randolph County and Asheboro City Schools since last year. However, I really needed a permanent position.  Being from out of state, it was an extra challenge to find work.

After I received my North Carolina teaching licenses, I met Mrs. Audrey Trogdon who told me about her employer, the Goodwill Industries Asheboro Community Resource Center.  Mrs. Trogdon was very encouraging and helpful in her advice, and quickly updated and freshened up my resume. Even though she was busy in helping others to succeed, I always felt that her door was open and I was welcome to ask questions or get feedback on various job possibilities. Another employee, Tonya, was always kind and willing to make resume copies for interviews, or give help on the computer, and did this with excellence. I was at the center almost every day that I was not substitute teaching, and other staff members, Benny and Jessica, were willing to help in any way necessary.

I also really appreciated having the availability of using the network room. We have a very old and slow computer at my house, and I was able to job search and research the schools I was applying for to my heart’s content. The atmosphere was peaceful, and easier for me to concentrate than the library, which was a distraction.

I also took a computer class with center instructor, Lewtisha  Barney, who was very patient and the other students made it fun.  Several skills were learned, and this was very helpful for the teaching profession.

On my birthday, I asked God to please find me a job as a birthday present. That same morning, I received a call from Andrews High School in High Point to interview the next day for a position as a 9th grade English teacher and to teach a theater class as well. This was an ideal position as I had taught both subjects in an urban school in New Jersey and really enjoyed my experience. I was also contacted by a middle school in Greensboro I’d interviewed for, to teach 6th grade language arts, and they just needed to check my references and would get back to me with an offer.

With a job already practically in my pocket, I interviewed for Andrews High the next morning by two vice-principals. I was thrilled when they left the room, and brought back the principal, who asked a few questions and hired me on the spot!

Sheila Burwell's Success Story

I relocated from Lynchburg, Virginia on January 5, 2012, because I fell in love with the area. I didn't know anyone and walked around the city and found Goodwill Industries Greensboro Community Resource Center. The first thing that caught my attention was the receptionist sign, 'First Impression Receptionist.' I felt I was in the right place. I was encouraged to attend the numerous free programs it offered to get established in my new residence. I participated in the Money Smart class and learned how to budget, what bills I should pay first and overall financial management once I start receiving an income. The Criminal Background class taught me to put a positive spin on a bad situation. The job search assistance was also very motivational in helping me begin to go online to complete applications.

Today, I am employed as a Security Guard and working for a company that gave me a chance to move forward regardless of my history.

Thank you Goodwill Industries for your encouragement and support of my future!